Rodrigo Mendoza Smith
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Year Position
2020 Founder @ Quine
2019 Visiting Professor @ ITAM
2018 PDRA @ Optimisation for Vision and Learning Group
2017 DPhil Mathematics @ Mathematical Institute
2016 Visiting Researcher @ Alan Turing Institute

Date Event
11/2024 Invited talk at Oxford GenAI Summit (Oxford, UK).
08/2018 Invited talk at Multiparmeter Persistent Homology (Oaxaca, Mexico).
06/2018 Invited talk at CognitionX AI Conference (London, UK).
06/2018 Invited talk at International Symposium on Mathematical Programming (Bordeaux, France).
12/2017 Poster spotlight at Synergies in Geometric Data Analysis Workshop (NIPS) (Long Beach CA, USA)
10/2017 Invited to attend Heidelberg Laureate Forum with a Romberg Grant (Heidelberg, Germany)
11/2017 Invited talk at Theory and Algorithms in Data Science Seminar (London, UK).
06/2017 Winning team at Oxbridge Applied Mathematics Meeting (Wooly Owl) (Cambridge, UK).
04/2015 Best Contribution at Optimization and Big Data (Edinburgh, UK).
12/2014 Oral presentation at IMA Conference on the Mathematical Challenges of Big-Data 2014 (London, UK).